A professional Design Director with over 15 years experience. Skilled in UX, UI, Product, and visual design. Working end-to-end on multiple projects from ideation through to delivery. A huge advocate of rational and data-driven design, leveraging insights to produce truly customer-centric and profitable products.
Blending innovation with practicality, and an unswerving focus on business results. Extremely deadline and budget orientated with a talent for understanding the brief and executing the core objectives to realise the product and drive results.
Having led large and small teams on many projects, both in-house and within agencies. Building supportive environments that bring out the very best in creative professionals and strong relationships with stakeholders to create a unified and collaborative culture.
L E T ' S  G E T  T O  W O R K
C O N T R A C T  L E A D  D E S I G N E R
Lodestar Creative LTD
June 2015 - Present
Contracting for over 7 years has gifted me the opportunity to work with a wide range of teams, creators, stakeholders, and
clients on a spectrum of projects and campaigns. Working on such a vast variety of projects as a UI Designer, UX Designer, and Design Manager has sharpened my skill set and experience within various workflows and processes.
Below are the amazing places I have had the fortune to work in and my responsibilities within each.
S E N I O R  P R O D U C T  D E S I G N E R
October 2021 - June 2022
Experian is a nationally known credit score brand, utilising a wide range of data to accurately calculate a user's credit rating and presenting it in a simplistic and understandable way. Experian has big plans to become the leading tool to help users manage every aspect of their finances, from managing their debt, increasing their score, buying their first home, and starting to save for their future.
My role within the team was to conceptualise and ideate potential solutions for the new Debt initiative. This new product needed to cater to the full spectrum of users, from people in lots of debt through to people with a better grip on their finances who want to manage their debt better and improve their scores.
We initially started by creating personas, these ranged from a number of demographics, we mapped their personality, their job, their location, and a potential reason why they were in debt. Once complete we mapped each user across a number of financial scenarios to identify various pain points that we could leverage to create solutions for our product. We then moved into user interviews, we interviewed over 20 people and heard some heartbreaking situations, which shone a light on the sensitivity needed for the product as well as the empathy to create a truly user-centred solution.
Once interviews were finished, we set out on the ideation phase where we workshopped ideas, boiled them down into working prototypes, and presented them to our stakeholders, we worked in an agile way to make sure there was a rapid turnaround and a sense of collaboration as we worked our way to the final product solution.
U X  /  U I  T U T O R
Skills Union
April 2021 - September 2021
Skills Union is a remote learning platform offering Master's Level degrees to people across Europe and the Middle East, it is affiliated with London's Ravensbourne University and offers a wide range of courses students can access remotely.
After 15 years in the industry mentoring and leading teams in agencies and in-house, I felt I needed to share my knowledge with people who are starting out on their journey in this amazingly dynamic sector. With that in mind, I decided to dedicate my evenings and some hours on the weekend to create the syllabus, lesson plans, and presentations for Skills Union's UX/UI Masters course and finally teaching a class of 9 students over the course of 6 months.
I really enjoyed working with the students, sharing my knowledge and skillsets as well as seeing their enthusiasm for an industry that I love. I found it challenging to take what I know and put it in a way that was both engaging and helpful to the students, I believe my time as a tutor has helped me professionally and how to manage, inspire and engage with fresh starters in the digital creative space.
"Thought I would drop you a message to say thanks for all the help and support, I got 92% in my final review so super chuffed and very appreciative for all your guidance. Thank you!"
E M I L Y  R I C H A R D S
Skills Union Student
P R O D U C T  D E S I G N  L E A D
April 2021 - October 2021
It was a fantastic opportunity to work with such a well-established and known brand as BT. I was contracted to work as the Lead Product Designer for BT's Wholesale team. BT offers its products to a wide range of well-known companies that offer TV and Broadband services also. These companies need a unique platform to add new services, order new equipment and increase their user base internally with a selection of admin tiers.
This was an incredibly complex project as it was very data-rich and this data needed to be categorised, sorted and presented in a clean and user-friendly way. This project wasn't visually creative, as we had a very restrictive design system and brand, however, we had to be very creative in our thinking, identifying best practices for how we presented data, whether that was in a table or another possible solution, some solutions allowed us to create new components and add them to the ever-growing library of tools and features. This project pushed the limits of Figma's capabilities and seeing the entire end-to-end journey laid out was mind-blowing in its complexity, the teams were broken into smaller groups who worked on sections across the product, but the communication and collaboration were fantastic, hat's off to all the team on this massive task it was executed brilliantly.
A S S O C I A T E  D E S I G N  D I R E C T O R
April 2020 - April 2021
10UP is a fully remote creative agency, with locations spanning across the globe, from Los Angeles to Miami, London to Cape Town, the Middle East, and beyond.

As Associate Design Director I was tasked to oversee and manage the entire creative process and output from initial workshops, UX and UI, through to hand-off and collaboration with development. Working simultaneously with a number of clients from Middle Eastern Universities, European Influencer Apps, large US News Publications, and the Nobel Prize website. Working hands-on with a number of projects as well as managing a team meant I had to be incredibly organised. I really enjoyed my time at 10UP and it offered me a great opportunity to work in a fully remote and super fast-paced environment.
L E A D  U I  D E S I G N E R

August 2018 - April 2020
I started at Three in 2018 and worked solely on their trading campaigns. Focussing my efforts on the “Phones are Good” campaign running throughout the Black Friday and Christmas period. This was a National marketing initiative after some bad press regarding the overuse of phones and the negative implications it has on people. During this campaign, I was tasked to manage and build relationships with the Marketing and Branding Teams, both internally and with external agencies to ensure all creative was aligned, consistent, and of the highest standard across every channel from print, store signage, billboards, and digital avenues such as email, social
and web.

Following the success of the campaign launch, I was approached to work within the newly formed personalisation team, and at the start of 2019 became the sole UI Designer for creating unique and personalised journeys for Three’s customers. The personalisation work was a brilliant opportunity and allowed me to understand more about how user behaviour and design can make remarkable experiences for customers, by reviewing and leveraging insight and data, and identifying how we could tailor unique experiences depending on those current actions.
"One of the highlights of working with Tom was an Insight led design project where we championed the use of Insight in major page redesigns. Here, he reviewed and understood the data and got the buy in from the whole design team to start using heat maps and behavioural data to encourage a culture of test and learn for any design changes in the future. This was well received and kicked off a very visible project in the business. In less than a year in our team, we made a total profit of £4.5m, which wouldn't have been possible without Tom's input and reactivity."
D A R R A N  K O L O D Z I E J
Digital Insight Manager
With the team’s growing understanding of the customers and amazing creative experiences being produced meant we amassed a huge 7x ROI and generated over £4M revenue by year-end. As well as overseeing all personalised experiences, I also helped transition the working process from a Sprint model, into a more agile Kan-Ban process, whereby we worked seamlessly on projects and managed the entire life-cycle of a task across all departments. It was a big success with other teams taking on a similar approach in their work-streams.
L E A D  U I  D E S I G N E R
Virgin Media

April 2016 - August 2018
Working in-house for such a large and well-known company was an amazing opportunity to test and expand my UI Design skills with the Marketing and Digital teams. Initially a 3-month contract I ended up working with Virgin Media for nearly 3 years helping design a wide range of products and content.

I was hired to help set up, develop, and direct a creative team of Designers for a new campaign to expand Virgin Media’s already impressive network and product range. Using my experience and knowledge to take creative campaigns delivered through internal and third-party marketing agencies and make meaningful, innovative, and seamless digital journeys. Driving the creative team to break out of some brand restrictions and to create some truly unique designs. As well as directing the digital campaign creative, I had the opportunity to work with some brilliant developers and bridge the gap between several departments to create an innovative and collaborative working environment. Working together we changed the creative direction, opened up new thinking from Stakeholders, and collaborated and worked to adapt within Brand and Digital to create a truly multi-channel team. I’m incredibly proud of my work with Virgin Media.
"Just wanted to send a little message to say it's been an absolute pleasure working with you! I'm really sad to see you go - the brilliant creatives and new improvements we've made over the last year have really upped the quality of the site and that really is testament to your skills and dedication. You're the first person I've worked with here that really 'gets' my crazy visions!"
A M Y  B A R K E
Senior Communications Manager
U I  D E S I G N E R

March 2016 - June 2016
Cogent approached me to redesign the Subaru website. It was a fantastic opportunity to add another high-profile brand to my experience. Working closely with the UX designer to create simple and intuitive interactions for the site as well as following strict brand guides to execute a site that looked and functioned brilliantly.
U I  D E S I G N E R
WAA Chosen
October 2015 - February 2016
Managing a small team on the digital output for both UX and UI for Searcy’s group website, a large events company with multiple venues including the famous Gherkin in London.
U I  D E S I G N E R
Taxi Studios
August 2015 - October 2015
Working with Taxi Studios as the sole UX/UI designer for a new international Nestlé health campaign. Managing a variety of international developers and liaising with Nestlé staff directly to meet deadlines and budgets.
D I G I T A L  D E S I G N  L E A D
CAB Studios
January 2011 - July 2015
I joined the team at CAB Studios in 2011 and quickly moved up from a Senior Designer to Creative Lead due to my previous digital experience, knowledge, and passion. This role allowed me to take on some large clients such as Exclusive Hotels, Gordon Ramsay, and Hotel Football. With the evolution of UX within the industry, my role adapted to focus both on UX and Design, with some self-education I quickly became efficient in gathering competitor data and generating user personas and key objectives from our clients. With this knowledge, I lead the creative team to develop user stories and wireframes to produce creative functional solutions to meet both the client and customer needs. From my creative digital and UX background, I helped mentor designers within the team to expand and grow their skill sets and allow them to go forward to new positions within the company and elsewhere.

My other key role was to create new and efficient processes to help streamline the digital department and allow a smooth progression between each section of the project and incorporate and connect various channels that would aid and enhance the product, marketing and effectively drive growth. This allowed the company to segment the process and create various products within it to sell individually to clients, it was a huge success and I have shared this knowledge with other agencies to equal reward.
"In the time Tom was at CAB, he had the opportunity to work on some large digital projects. His role as Digital Design Lead was to run the architect workshops with clients and apply that knowledge along with experienced UX principles to the development of the site design, managing a junior UX designer in the process. He was also responsible for close collaboration with the development team to create complex custom navigation concepts, mainly for the new Gordon Ramsay Holdings website. His ability to cut through complex businesses and create an easy digital user experience inspired by great design and usability was a credit to him and CAB. He's a quick thinker, an excellent visualiser and executioner."
B E N  W O O D
Co-Founder & Managing Director
F R E E L A N C E  D E S I G N E R
Push Graphics
August 2010 - December 2010
During my work with Angel Music Group (AMG), I began working on some freelance jobs in my free time and found the variety of projects refreshing. I decided to leave AMG and set up as Push Graphics full-time. I worked on a huge variety of design areas from branding, website design, signage, vehicle graphics, and direct mail promotions.
S E N I O R  D I G I T A L  D E S I G N E R
Angel Music Group
June 2009 - July 2010
Angel Music Group was the UK’s biggest electronic music events organiser.
My responsibilities were to work within the design team to create new branding for the 2010 GlobalGathering event and a variety of Godskitchen promotions. This included logo design, printed marketing materials, merchandise, and websites. I was also solely in charge of all online marketing, creating digital flyers and email campaigns to send out to their extensive database of party and festival-goers.
D I G I T A L  D E S I G N E R
Propeller Communications
September 2008 - June 2009
A creative agency specialising in website design, online marketing, and promotions. Starting as a junior I quickly moved up in the design department and was given the opportunity to become a senior member of the team. This position meant I received all project briefs and organised a team of designers and developers whom I thought could create the best results for that specific project. We had some fantastic clients and produced some beautiful website solutions.
J U N I O R  D E S I G N E R
July 2007 - August 2008
Specialising in packaging design and brand creation. It was a perfect launchpad into the design industry as I had the chance to start projects from initial concept stages right through to art-working and sending work to print.
F A L M O U T H  C O L L E G E  O F  A R T S
Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design
2004 - 2007
W A R W I C K S H I R E  C O L L E G E
BTEC ND in Graphic Design
2002 - 2004
W A R W I C K  S C H O O L
1997 - 2002
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