U X / U I  &  V I S U A L  D E S I G N
Apple Music offers its users a giant library of all the best music from across the World, with tailored playlists and recommendations. The issue I had with the current offering was its connection to the iTunes library.
The below concept was created off the back of one question "What if the person didn't have their phone or other device to hand but wanted to listen to their music?". This was the creative hook which drove the concept. I wanted to create a web-based platform for Apple Music customers to login and access from any device, be that at someone's BBQ or just in a hotel room whilst on business.
This interface linked to their iPhone account and any changes from it would sync automatically. The difference here was the custom dashboard and layout of the pages. I have also looked at the artist page and music player UI.
Having this alternate access point for your favourite music allows you to personalise, organise and play your favourite music tracks from anywhere and for any occasion.
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