Mr. Ramsay needs no introduction, he's the World's most popular celebrity chef with a multitude of shows and awards to his name.
I was fortunate enough to be the sole UX and UI designer on Gordon's new website. The challenge was a big one, but I enjoyed every minute of crafting him and his users a remarkable and rewarding experience.
The goal for this project was to bring the Ramsay brand to the masses, and make potential customers understand that Gordon offers a wide selection of restaurants that can meet everyone's budget expectations. Each restaurant had to feel different, but follow the same template. This reinforced the brand through consistent journeys, but felt different enough to express each of the restaurants unique brand qualities.
This project was a huge success for the Ramsay brand and the new site saw a 400% growth in sales within 6 weeks of launch and a ROI within 2 weeks. Not to mention the personal email I received from the man himself thanking me for the effort put into creating it, makes this one of my favourites.


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