IGN is the World's leading Video Game and Entertainment company. The site previously was incredibly dated and offered a confusing user experience. 
With so much content to display and lists of news articles the site was repetitive and un-engaging. I wanted to modernise the interface, create a new hierarchy and display content in a different more remarkable way.
I wanted to create a dashboard feel to the page, so used a fixed right navigation which would follow the user down the page as they scrolled. This would allow them access key functionalities at any point in their journey. As well as interactive elements such as parallel scrolling on carousels. This allowed the content it's own dedicated space and free from clutter and distractions for the reader.
The stories, instead of being laid out in a standard blog list, are now in a dynamic grid which automatically shows the top stories. The user can edit this by using their custom dashboard to effectively edit the live content they receive, so if they only want Xbox One content they can edit this and the grid would feed in this content only.
This functionality means the IGN site offers a World of information, but the user can experience the key content in a custom way. 


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