V I S U A L  D E S I G N
Rotten Tomatoes is an online movie review site that is the go to page for seeing what's 'Fresh' and what's 'Rotten'. Sadly the current offering is more rotten than fresh, so I set out refreshing the visuals and user experience. Injecting brighter colours, a solid UI ruleset and using large full width images, created a more immersive experience and engaging visual presence.
Redesigning the interface to show clearer review scores, critic comments and movie information made the lay out easier to read, and faster to glean key information at a glance. We also felt the journey wasn't fully complete on the current site as it didn't lead the user to an end goal. We decided to incorporate a local cinema finder and present the user with showing times at their local complex to make a booking and finish the digital journey nicely.
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