C O N T E N T   D E S I G N
Below are some examples of the content design I created for Virgin Media. During my time with them I lead the creative team to produce marketing & television content across the site. Staying strict to the brand, but pushing boundaries as much as possible to enhance the creative output.
OMG are Virgin Media's living style guide document and pattern libraries covering everything from UI to accessibility and copy rules. These helped define a consistent global online style across the entire site and apps. I worked closely with the team to maintain these design systems and worked to evolve and expand on them throughout various projects.
C O N T E N T  I S  K I N G
My main focus at Virgin was to generate up-to-date and engaging content for various sections across the site. These were sometimes as simple as updated Movie and TV stills on 3D assets, but this also gave me opportunity to inject some new design systems and dynamic motion too. When starting, the content on the site was nearly 6 months out of date.
Seeing a problem with the existing system, I created new processes and templates to allow for quick updates, meaning content was relevant month on month. Building strong relationships with third party providers such as Netflix, Sky and Fox, allowed me to generate a backlog of content months ahead of release.
Below are examples of how I took the business need to clearly define each bundle available and leverage content to clearly present this to new customers.
B U I L D I N G  A  D E S I G N  S Y S T E M
To maintain consistency across the cards I generated a set of design rules to guide designers in the right way to use the new assets, ranging from the lighting effects to how they should be arrange. 
Now we have established how the cards should be created and arranged together, I needed to produce some guides around the content being presented within them. I took this seriously as each content provider had their own set of rules on how their content is presented. I wanted to maintain the dynamic and tangible feel for the cards whatever the content, be that TV shows, Movies, Sports or Channel Branding.
B R I N G I N G  I T  A L L  T O G E T H E R
Once the guides were in place, we could start producing banners for the various bundles available. These could be formatted into hero banners, page disruptors or even for specific bundle detail cards. As you can see below the flexibility of the cards and it's content allowed us to clearly present to the customer some of the content and channels they'd get with each bundle. As each bundle ramped up the viewing content available we could scale the number of cards up and down accordingly.
S O M E  E X T R A S
Below are some extra visuals of more content creation produced during my time at Virgin Media.
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